Introduction: Caveman Kitchen - Cretaceous Croque Monsieur

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We have recently found some more cave paintings from the caveman known as Grug

Here is a translation of his latest cooking experiment


Bacon (I used Manuka Smoked Shoulder Bacon, however you can also use Ham if you prefer)

Eggs (fresh from our chooks

Cheese (I used a flaky cheddar)

Bread (I used Ploughmans Country Grains but again your choice)

Olive Oil

Step 1: Grug Cook Pig Meat

I cooked a rasher of Hellers Manuka Smoked Shoulder Bacon for each one

I like this Bacon as it has HUGE rashers

Step 2: Grug Make Grain Bread and Put by Fire When Ready Add Cooked Pig Meat

I toasted the bread (Ploughmans Country Grains) and put the cooked bacon on top

Step 3: Grug Put Pressed Milk Curds on Pig Meat and Put Fire Above

I sliced some cheddar and put it on top of the bacon, then placed under the grill

Step 4: Grug Catch Tiny Raptors and Cook Eggs

While the cheese was grilling I fried some eggs in olive oil, I did them easy over so the yolk was still runny (yes we have our own chickens)

Step 5: Grug Put Egg on Melted Cheese Give to Mrs Grug in Sleeping Furs

I put the toast on a plate and the fried egg on top and served to my wife as breakfast in bed

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