Introduction: Cedar Chevron Wood Wall Art

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This DIY Chevron Wood Wall Art adds style to any room. And you can use your favorite paint colors to create a custom design!

Step 1: Here's a 2-Minute Look at the Build

This video is a quick look at the build and finish on this wall art.

Step 2: Cut 18 Chevron Pieces

Cut 18 Chevron Pieces from 1x4 Cedar. 12 with 45-degree angles in one direction, 6 in the other. Mine are 6 7/8" long.

Side Note: I love Cedar. Anytime I'm picking up wood and see some cedar with great grain and differences in color, I find an excuse to buy it. But it can be a pain to shop for because it's soft and always looks more banged up than the other wood. You can always pick a different type or just dig through to find the best pieces, like I do.

Step 3: Sand and Seal the Pieces

Sand each piece and knock down the edges with the sander (shown in video), to create a rustic chamfer edge.

Clean, then seal each piece with 3 coats of a water-based poly. Sealing now will protect the wood from the paint. And, it means you can seal the edges before gluing.

Once dry, glue the pieces to 1/4" MDF, Luan, or Plywood. Then frame with 1x2. Make sure the pieces are tight together and straight before glue can dry.

Step 4: Finish the Wall Art With Paint

I wanted a different look with this piece. I didn't want t hide that beautiful grain, but wanted color. So, I painted the frame Navy Blue. Then filled the chamfer gaps between pieces with white and Navy Blue chalk paint. Be sure to wipe as much chalk paint off the face as possible, before it dries. You can clean up any residue later with a fine grit sandpaper. That poly you applied earlier will protect the wood.

You can see the full tutorial with more detail and pictures here.

Step 5: That's It!

Hang your wall art and pat yourself on the back. ;)