Cedar Flower Box




Introduction: Cedar Flower Box

So my wife, helpful as always, picked up some cedar planks for like $1 a board. She asked me if I could make flower boxes from these bowed boards and this is what happened.

Step 1: I Used

She bought 3 8' planks and this is the best of them.

1x8 cedar planks

1 1/4" deck screws

square stock

drill, driver, miter saw

Step 2: Cutting and Screwing

The planks are about 7 1/8" wide so I cut the end pieces 5 5/8". I had some scrap pieces about 1" square so I used those for the corners. Line them up to the sides, clamp with the sticks on the concave side of the workpiece and screw down one side. Now I kept tightening the clamp until the cedar either straightened out or split. FYI only 1 didn't split. Clamp the board to tighten the split and I made sure there was 2 screws on each side of the split then screwed on the sides using the same method. As far as the bottom, I only screwed it to the sides and left the ends bowed for water drainage.

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    4 years ago

    During my early wood shop class school days, I made a very similar flower box. And while it looks simple, every cut on my flower box has some type bevel. And the corners were even multiple bevels, as was the very bottom too. It came out great and got me an A+ in the class. But looking back, that was the most complicated flower box one could possible pick for a first woodworking project. I didn't have any cleats inside. Only side meeting side, all at angles and 45 degree mating sections...of course as angles. Your project brought back those memories.


    Reply 4 years ago

    You're welcome for the memories. I needed to support the corners, the boards were cupped so bad that the screws were cracking them. In fact, I would put one screw in the end, tighten the clamp and just start to drill from the inside to cause the boards to split.