Introduction: Cedar Wood Planter

This craftsman-style planter is quite easy to build with treated cedar wood and plastic storage boxes.

The internal size of the wood container is a multiple of the size of a "milk crate" storage box (usually 1'x1'x1').

The soil is perfectly drain through a geotextile membrane.

Depending the size of the planter you need, you will use 1, 2 or 3 storage boxes.

Step 1: Planter

Use treated cedar wood to build the planter around the plastic storage boxes.

Apply a sealer.

Step 2: Milk Crate Storage Boxe

"Milk crate" storage boxes are cheap, solid and easy to find :

in US :

in Canada :


The size (usually 12" x 12" x 12") may vary : check the exact size of the boxes you will use.

You can also reuse old boxes.

Step 3: Container With Its Boxes

Keep 1/2" (1cm) all around and between the black boxes.

Cover each inside box with geotextile material to keep soil and drain it.

In case you need to exchange, permutate or winterize plants, just take out the inside boxes.

Don't forget to keep free space for easy draining at the base of the wood container.

Follow your inspiration for the outside style of the container. In this example, this is a craftsman style.

Step 4: Top View Plan of the Wood Container With Boxes