Introduction: Ceiling Mounted Wiimote Whiteboard

This Instructable will give you step by step instructions on making a very cheap ceiling mount for a wiimote for use with a ceiling mounted projector. This works great in class rooms or board rooms where the projector is permanently mounted on the ceiling.

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

First lets get everything together. Here's a run down of all the items you'll need:

1 - 12inch shelf bracket
1 - dollar store mini tripod
1 - 3v transformer
1- 1/4 flanged hex nut
1 - 8/32 X 1" machine screw
2 - 8/32 nuts
1- PC slot Blank
2 - standard wire ties

Some tools you will need:

Philips screw driver
Wire cutters
Electrical Tape

The hardest thing to find will probably be the 3v transformer. I got mine from a bunch of wireless access points that are being powered over ethernet so we didn't need the transformers. You can most likely find one on eBay or at an electrical supply company.

Step 2: Preparing the Wiimote Battery Cover

Before we can mount the wiimote we have to make a few modifications to it. Start by taking the jacket, strap, and battery cover off of the wiimote. Now flip the battery cover over there will be some thin plastic lines that make a rectangle. In the middle of this rectangle you should make a dot. This dot is where you're going to drill a hole the size of the hex part of the nut, but smaller than the flange part. I usually start with 3/8 drill bit then ream the hole out with a pocket knife til i get it the right size. The hex part of the nut should be hard to push through and fit tightly once you get the hole the right size. If it is too loose you may want to add a little glue to hold it in place. Now you have a battery cover with threading. You can use this to mount the wiimote on a tripod if you like, but were going to permanently mount this one so cut a small notch in the cover on one side just below the nut. Set the cover to the side we're done with it for now.

Step 3: Preparing the Mini Tripod

You can find these mini tripods all over the place. I buy mine at a local dollar store for $1 a piece. Spread all three legs and look in the center, there will be a Phillips head screw take it out. Now you have the legs detached. Take the detached legs and look around the top. take out the screws holding two of the legs in, we'll need these in the next step.

Step 4: Wiring Up the Wiimote

Take the 2 legs you removed in the last step and starting at the end with the loop measure a length the size of a AA battery. Now using a hacksaw or dremal tool cut the legs. You will have 2 AA size pieces with a loop on the end. I usually wrap them in electrical tape leaving the loop exposed just to give them more diameter and to insulate them. Take your 3v transformer and cut the end off it. Strip the wires back and twist them tight. Make sure you know which wire is positive(+) and which is negative(-). Next feed the wires through the loops on the legs, one through each and twist it tight. If you don't feel that just twisting the wire is enough you can solder the wires to the loops or dab some hot glue on them(I have done several of these and twisting the wires seems to work just fine). Now place your fake batteries in the wiimote with the loops pointing toward the red button. MAKE SURE YOU PUT THE POSITIVE ON THE + AND THE NEGATIVE ON THE -!!! Finally you can put the cover back on feeding the wire through the notch you made. Voila! a wired wiimote.

Step 5: Connect the Tripod Top to the Bracket

This is the easy part. Take the machine screw and thread one of the nuts on. Then put the screw in end hole on the long side of the shelf bracket. Now thread the other nut on and tighten it down. Finally screw the tripod top on the end of the screw. There you go. A side note here you may need to cut the bracket to fit your mounting needs. If this is the case cut it first, it makes life much easier..

Step 6: One More Adjustment to the Wiimote

Now we need to make sure the wiimote stays in discovery mode. Take your PC slot blank and cut it in half. Place one of the halves over the 1 and 2 button on the wiimote. Finally get your wire ties and strap the bland to the wiimote. This serves two purposes, It holds the buttons down keeping the wiimote in discovery mode until found, and two it keeps the battery cover on tight.

Step 7: You're All Set

Screw the Wiimote onto the tripod and you're ready to mount onto your projector mount. Every projector mount is different so you'll have to look at what is best for you. You can strap the bracket to the pipe coming down from the ceiling or you can cut the elbow off the bracket and screw it to the mount. It's really up to you.