Introduction: Ceiling Fan Glow Globe

My son wanted to make the globe in his ceiling fan glow-in-the-dark. It became a project night for us.

2 part water-clear epoxy (We used "Easy Cast")

phosphorescent powder

Step 1: Mixing the Epoxy With the Phosphorescent Powder

Follow the instructions for the 2 part epoxy that you use. For the epoxy mix that I used it was equal parts (1:1) resin and hardener. I measured out the the resin and mixed in the phosphorescent powder before adding the hardener.

Step 2: Pour the Epoxy Into the Globe

We poured the epoxy mix into the globe and evened out the epoxy by rotating the globe. I repeated this every 30 mins for until the the epoxy became tacky. This took a couple hours. The epoxy that I used "soft-cures" in 24 hours. I set the globe upright to let the excess settle to the bottom throughout the night and until we I got home from work.

Step 3: Re-install the Globe

Re-install the globe and enjoy.

Note: I have a 40W equivalent LED bulb in this fixture, heat from a halogen bulb might cause damage to the epoxy.

Step 4:

Make it Glow!

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