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Introduction: Celestial Bracelet

Recently I discovered Goldstone, a man-made "stone" that comes in a few different colors, depending on what materials are mixed with it (copper, cobalt, manganese, etc). The result is a gorgeous stone that shimmers. Blue and purple goldstone are very deep and look like the sky. I was able to find a bunch of pieces at a local bead shop and those pieces inspired today's bracelet Instructable. The beads inside the frame spin, just like little planets!

Step 1: BoM

Blue or purple goldstone beads

Bead Frame

Findings (jump rings)

Wire (I used memory wire)

Jewelry pliers

Celestial/space related charms

Step 2: Memory Wire

Memory wire is a great hard wire that holds it's shape, so closures etc. are not needed. Measure out how long you want your bracelet by wrapping the coils around your wrist and then snip. I only wanted one loop so I snipped with about 1/2" overhang.

Take one end and use your needle nose plier to wrap a loop at the very end of the wire. This will keep your beads from falling off while you string.

Step 3: Beads

I'm using blue goldstone chip and multifaceted beads as well as smaller lava beads. I chose the lava beads because they look like little meteors and the blue goldstone because of the great shimmer---it really looks like the night sky.

I want the round blue goldstone beads to look like little planets in orbit, so I'm using silver plated bead circle frames around them.

The blue goldstone chip beads also look like little asteroids and space junk, so I wanted to include them as well.

Step 4: Stringing

I started with stringing about 1" in length of the chip beads and then added my first bead frame with the round goldstone in the center so. Then I added a lava bead, a hematite star, and another lava bead. I added two more frames, separated by lave and hematite beads. I added another 1" of chip beads and then 3 more bead frames.

I finished off the coil with more chip beads and then wrapped another loop to close everything together.

Step 5: Charms

I added two celestial charms to the bracelet, attaching them with jump rings. It's important to twist jump rings open and closed, do not spread them apart.

You of course can do more coils, add more charms, etc. I have a limited amount of the round blue goldstone, so I wanted to keep it simple.

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    3 Great Ideas

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    That's awesome! Especially I love Moon-Star :) I'll vote!