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Okay guys this is a pretty abstract look so I'm sorry if I don't explain it very well. This is WAY different then what I normally do it's not as 'eye caching' but I hope you still like it! I almost didn't even post it because I didn't like it that much but.. here it is! Haha let me know what you think? And please fallow me on youtube to help support my art! <3 thank you for everything! youtube.com/msmaomaoz

Step 1: Base of the Face

I used a white cream makeup (from the makeup forever flash pallet) and put that all over my face and blended it out. Then I took my NYX jumbo eye pencil in MILK and put that under my eyes, on my eyebrows, and on my chin then blended it out. I then took a white eyeshadow (from my urban decay's full spectrum pallet) and set my face.

Step 2: Eyebrows?

So I took a pink eyeliner (The is from NYX I think it's called hot pink) and I drew a line curving up I also added a little flick towards the end. I then used a hot pink eyeshadow (from NYX ultimate brights pallet) and started blending that down towards my eyes and down my nose a little.

Step 3: Contour

I kept that same hot pink eye shadow and contoured my cheeks, chin, and nose.

Step 4: Random!

So this is where I don't know how to say what I did. I just randomly made shapes and stuff. I used that same pink liner I used before and I also used a teal liner (this one is an ulta brand) and I just had fun with it.

Step 5: Gems

I got some gems from Micheal's and stuck them randomly on my forehead where I thought they would look good.

Step 6: Eyes

I took a teal shadow from that same NYX pallet and put it in my crease and blended it up, I used a nyx glitter roller ball on the lid. Then I took the pink liner and made a line down the center of my lid and patted it out. I also added a line of that green under my eye.

Step 7: Gems

More gems around the eyes.

Step 8: Lips

I took a teal lipstick from NYX and put it all over then I took that pink liner and patted it in the center.

Step 9: Deeper Contour

I deepened up my contour

Step 10: White

I decided to add some white shapes all around my face. I even used it to outline my lip and add a line going down my bottom lip and to my chin. Again I just had fun with it.

Step 11: Shimmer

I used that glitter roller ball to highlight

Step 12: White Body

I added that white cream paint to my body.

Step 13: Rock Gem

I added this big rock gem thing to my chest. I used eyelash glue to hold it.

Step 14: Contour

I used pink to contour

Step 15: Random Again

and I used the same colors to add random lines and shapes again. haha.

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    4 years ago

    Amazing, I have a daughter who paints faces for Burningman and enjoys your craft..


    Reply 4 years ago

    Oooo! That's cool! Thanks. =)