Introduction: Cell Cup Holder

Cell Cup Holder

The idea behind the Cell Cup Holder design is to improve our daily life in a creative and beautiful way, with the help of a 3D printer.

I found a disposable cup is usually hard to hold because it is soft and thin. So I decide to design a cup holder to solve the problem, at the same time bringing elegance and fun to drinking. The form of the holder was inspired by the way how cellular structure organizes the force flow.

I do digital model in the Rhino. However, Maya, 3Dmax are also good alternatives. Parametric plug-ins are not necessarily for this design, but they can help adjusting the design efficiently.

Step 1: Measurement

Measure the size of the disposable cup that you will use, including the height, the diameters of bottom and rim.

Step 2: Modeling Cup

Model the cup in Rhino. The cup I use is 89mm high, 50mm diameter of the bottom and 66mm diameter of the rim.

Step 3: Making Holder's Surface

Then I make a surface to wrap the cup, which approximately covers the lower half of the cup. Let the holder’s surface just touch the cup’s surface.

Step 4: Generating Holder's Structure

Give a pattern you like to the surface. I use Grasshopper (a parametric plug-in for Rhino) to generate a cellular-pattern structure, which transmit force smoothly and continuously and cost less material and printing time. Use Weaverbird (a plug-in for Grasshopper) to thicken the structure lines.

Step 5: Adjusting

Thanks to parametric design, I can slightly adjust the thickness and shape of holder, to ensure it is exactly wrapping the cup. Adjust the handle of the cup holder, making sure that the handle aligns with the cup axis.

Step 6: 3D Printing!

Finally, export the digital model as a .stl format, and all you need is a 3D printer. My printer is currently out of order, so I do a rendering instead. PLA is a good choice for material for it is nontoxic and low cost. Silver and gold could be fabulous if you are rich! :P

This cell cup holder is elegant and creative. Just imagine how cool when you use this cell cup holder to serve drinks to your party guest, even drinking tap water. Enjoy!

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