Introduction: Cell Phone Charger Paracord Wrap

A Paracord wrap is very useful in today's world. Too often, people buy expensive cell phone chargers and expect them to last. We all know the real struggle of a cell phone charger breaking on you. Especially in a time of dire need to charge your device. The Paracord Wrap protects both of the connection points on the end, and the entire length of the cable. Cord breakage is caused by two major things: Fraying at the connection points, and something piercing the cord somewhere in between the two ends. This Paracord Wrap will protect your cable from both of these issues and it also adds style and personalization to your cord.

Step 1: Step One: Gather Materials

For this fun and easy cell phone charger paracord wrap, you will first need to grab a couple of items.

Items Needed:

  • Charger Cable
  • Pocket knife
  • Lighter
  • Paracord (you can choose what color)

Step 2: Step Two: Measure, Cut, and Fuse Ends

In order to cover the entire cable, you will need approximately 9 times the length of your charging cable in paracord. Once the length is measured, use a pocket knife to make a fine cut at that location. After cutting, the ends will be frayed and will quickly come apart if not taken care of. It is important to quickly melt each end of the paracord so that the ends stay together and don't fray.

Step 3: Step Three: Begin Spiral Cobra Weave

Most charger wraps or protection patterns use the classic Cobra weave. This demonstration shows a variation on the Cobra weave in that it spirals the length of the cord.

To start the weave, find the middle of the paracord and place either end of the charging cable on top of the middle section.

Take the section of string that is on the left side of the charger, make a loop on the left side and run it under the charger to the right side. Take the section of string that is on the right side, make a loop on the right side and run it over the charger to the left side. Now that you have two loops, take the string that is now on top and feed it through the loop beneath it, also, take the string that is now on bottom and feed it through the loop that is above it. Now you can pull it tight and you have completed your first part of the on-going weave.

It is important to always put the left side underneath and the right side on top for each individual weave. The repetition of this is what creates the difference between the standard cobra weave and the spiral cobra weave.

Continue repeating this weave.

Step 4: Step Four: Continue Weave for the Length of the Cable

Repeat step thee until the entire cable is covered by the Spiral Cobra Weave.

Step 5: Step Five: Cut Off Excess, Fuse Ends, and ENJOY!

Now that you have ran the pattern the length of the cable, cut off the small excess bits of paracord on both sides. Like the first time we cut the paracord, it is important to fuse the newly cut ends in the exact same way we did in the previous steps. Enjoy your brand new Charging cable!