Introduction: Cellphone Charging Hanger

This Instructable will tell you how to sew some felt together to hang up your mobile or any other gadget that needs to be charged from time to time and you don't know where to put it ...
...hmm, hang it up with it's plug at the wall socket.

I don't know if there is something like this here on Instructables already, but I wanted to submit my first one. So here it is.

Step 1: Materials

You will need some felt, about double the length of your mobile. Better take more...and take the thick felt
You will of course need a needle and some thread and as an extra a bit of cloth as soft as velvet for the inner side of your mobile charging hanger.

Step 2: Making It Comfortable

At first I cut a hole into the felt just as big as the plug of the plug of the charger is.

Then I sewed the inner velvet cloth to the piece of felt. Therefore I started at the upper side and fixed the peace of cloth with the velvet side down, so that you can't see the seam afterwards.
At the end of the piece of felt the piece of velvet has to be fixed so that there aren't any folds. I turned down the velvet so that there is a neat end.
Now stitch it together... the sides can be left open until the next step comes...

Step 3: Side Stiching - or Making the Pocket

Now the pocket has to be build. Carefully fold the felt with the velvet cloth on it so that the pocket is created. And turn the velvet at the sides between the felt and the cloth and...
then fix everything with needles! Crossing two needles will help because otherwise they tend to fall out again.
To sew everything together, you have to press it together. (For the design of it, I wanted some of the red cloth to look through at the sides a bit more, as it did in the end)

At the end, it should look like on the last photo...