Cellphone Holder (out of Clay)



Introduction: Cellphone Holder (out of Clay)

When charging my cellphone, my biggest issue is that I have no place to put it. This has resulted in some awful (yet sometimes funny) moments that could have been avoided.

In light of the "Play with Clay" contest, I decided it was time to rectify my cellphones worst problem.

This 'ible will give you the general information for making a cellphone holder. Hopefully it will be enough to get your creative juices flowing.

Step 1: Planning/Materials

The first step should be to decide on a form for your holder. I decided to make something simple with my first clay attempt, so I made a Bob-omb (from Super Mario ). You may decide to base it off of a character, or simply make something sturdy.


Clay (as much as you need)
Cellphone (or whatever else is being held)
Plastic wrap/Seran wrap
Rubber Band
Knife and/or Scissors
Paint (Optional)
Paintbrushes (Optional)

Step 2: Making the Holder

The first and important step is to make your Holder. This is the part that will be balancing your cellphone, so it needs to fit properly.

Start by wrapping your cellphone in Plastic/Seran Wrap, and holding it with a Rubber Band (As shown). Next, with your clay, build an enclosure around whatever part you want to be held. I found it easier to hold mine up vertically, as this allows for charging.

Ensure that your Holder is slightly loose, as it will tighten up as it hardens. If using air dry clay, it may be a good idea to let your cellphone sit inside it as it hardens.

Let it dry before moving on.

Step 3: Taking Form

The next step is to build a form around your now hardened Holder.

Simple shapes are a lot easier to work with, so if you are low on patience (like me), keep it simple, stupid!

Once you are satisfied with your Holder, let it dry.

Step 4: Painting

This step is completely optional, but I found it handy as it covers cracks and makes your Holder generally more appealing.

I used oil paints (they were cheapest at the Dollar Store), but other paints will work too. If you are using dark colours, make sure you paint your light colours first. If making a Bob-omb, I found it easier to paint the details first, and finish up with the body.

Again, let it dry, and its done!

Step 5: Finale

With that last step, your Cellphone Holder is complete! Make sure your cellphone fits in the hole, and if it does, then you shouldn't have any problems.


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