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Introduction: Cellphone Macro Lens

You have any old expired disposable cameras you found while cleaning? Maybe you got one to make a slave flash or taser, what to do with the rest of it? Since you have to take apart the camera to get the flash out, why not make a cheap macro lens that takes great pictures!

Here is how to get a great macro lens in five easy steps! (one of them's looking at cool pictures)

Step 1: Supplies

You will need a disposable camera, screwdriver, and something to make the lens stick like double sided tape or the stuff I found that makes stuff tacky. 

Step 2: Taking It Apart

Before you start taking the camera apart use the film first! If you don't use film you can cover the lens and "take pictures" leaving the film unexposed, since the film winds into the spool as you take pictures(in normal cameras it pulls out as you take pictures then rewinds or you have to hand crank back in) after you get to the last picture only turn about 5 times, you can use it in another camera or give it to a friend that likes using film. (expired film makes cool pictures)

there are around 4 tabs you have to wedge your screwdriver(don't stab yourself wiggle it in!!) into open, two on either sides then two more under the label. I am not sure about other cameras, but I think it should be similar.

***careful not to press the flash button*** or else you will be blinded by the auto recharge of the flash!!

Step 3: More Dismantling

After you've gotten it open be very careful if you accidently pressed the flash button! take the battery out, and use something to discharge the flash. It really stings if you touch the metal parts of the flash!!

Take the silver part holding the lens in and yay! you have your macro lens.

Step 4: How to Attach the Lens

You could use a little bit if double sided tape or some other kind of tacky thing on the lens to stick it to stuff. 

I like it removable because my phone has a lens cover. 

Step 5: Gallery

These are some examples I've taken in the past with my phone. The lens have a very short depth of field, my lens is a little dirty. 

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    Kris T.
    Kris T.

    8 years ago on Introduction

    My favorite photo here is the metal thing (is it a ring?). It's shape is pleasingly abstract. :)

    Just did this very recently for my cell, and it was incredibly fun! I fashioned mine in a very crude manner: rubber band and hot glue. It seems to work though.

    Kris T.
    Kris T.

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I should be clearer: not the screw driver end, the metal that seems to make a sort of rosette.