Celtic Maze Mat




Introduction: Celtic Maze Mat

I viewed a site that showed a how to make a rope mat and had to try making one but with cotton yarn.

Step 1: Celtic Maze Mat

Materials Needed:

Heavy cotton yarn

Crochet Hook ( I used a size F)

Soda Ash

Procion Fiber Reactive Dye in two shades

Salt Shaker

Pattern of maze

Board to fasten pattern on



Step 2:

Double the cotton yarn and chain so that when crocheted it makes a rope about 3/8" thick. It takes lots of rope my guess is 400 '.

Soak rope in soda ash following the directions given with the dye. Lay the rope on a plastic sheet, place the dry dye in a salt shaker, sprinkle dye on the rope turning as needed (leave some areas white) wrap rope in the plastic and leave to batch for 24 hours. Rinse rope until water runs clear. Allow rope to dry.

Step 3:

Put maze pattern on the board, place nails and weave pattern following the lines. Many patterns can be downloaded from the internet, I used the one from the Edelred site. More detailed instructions are one their site.

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    Cool idea. Do you have any pictures of the mat in progress.