Introduction: Cement Casted and Light Bulb Fish Tank

Here I learnt about how to make core for wires and battery.

Step 1: Preperation

Things you I used

old plastic container- can be anything

old light bulb- cleaned one-remove all the functional components.

Led strip

9v battery


Step 2: Setting Up the Mold

Arranged the components.

figured out all the coring ,and channels for cables.

ready to be filled with cement mixture.

Step 3: Inserting Cement Mixture

here you see after the preparation I have poured the cement mixture.

The yellow tape is removable core for the LED strip to sit.I stuck it to the bottom of the bulb,so when I remove the bulb the tape also comes out easily and makes a space for led to sit comfortably.

Step 4: Taking Out the Cast

Slowly remove the glass bulb.gentle taps will help it coming off.

cast from plastic container will easily come off as it has a draft already.

connect the battery and pour some water .

Step 5: And Its Ready

After connecting all the wires at the bottom its ready.

Put the small fish and some stones and your mini fish tank is ready from all the waste material.