Introduction: Cement Lazy Susan

I have a corner on my kitchen counter where I keep asorted items that I want to keep neat and easily assessable. A Lazy Susan seemed like the simplest solution, but I wanted it to be sturdy so I didn't have to anchor it to the counter. I had an old CD turntable that I was no longer using, that I could repurpose to be my base. For the top I used a Concrete Stepping Stone that a friend of mine gave me.

Step 1: Repurposing CD Turntable

The CD turntable was 2 tiered But all I needed was the bottom. Luckily it came a part with ease.

Step 2: Concrete Stepping Stone

The Concrete Stepping Stone is 17 inch diameter. I sealed it with a spray on clear coat to protect the surface from stains and wear. 
let dry for a couple days

Step 3: Finding the Centre

To find the centre of the stepping stone I clamped a Speed Square to framing square. The speed square should line up exactly with the corner of the framing square.
Place the framing square against the edge of the stone and draw a line, rotate along the edge and draw an intersecting line. where they meet should be your centre.

Step 4: Attaching the Lazy Susan

I attached the CD turntable bottom to the Stepping Stone with some 1 inch #10 cement screws that I had.
First I drilled a 3/16 inch hole through the turntable bottom.
Then a 5/32 inch hole in the back of the Stepping Stone with a carbide bit, using a depth stop so not to drill though the stone. Then attached the turntable bottom with a screw.
Using 2 of the existing holes in the turntable bottom I drilled 2 more 5/32 inch holes and used 2 more screws.
Flipped it over and done.

Step 5: Finished

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