Introduction: Cement for Your Model; the Sugru Shack

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This is a model that represents traditional huts in Africa. 
The materials you will need are as follows:-
1. Paper
2. Toothpicks
3. Scotch guard/cello tape
4. A wooden board
5. Sugru

Step 1:

Stick the paper on the board.

Step 2:

Outline the base shape of your structure

Step 3:

Roll the sugru into thick strips and place them on the outline of the structure

Step 4:

Roll more sugru into strips and wrap them around the base of lined up toothpicks

Step 5:

Stick the joined up toothpicks into the sugru on the base(the green part is the base of the structure)

Step 6:

For the roof manipulate the sugru-toothpick sections into a circular shape

Step 7:

To prevent the toothpicks of the roof from moving another layer of rolled out sugru is placed midway along the length of the toothpicks around the roofs circumference

Step 8:

Balls of sugru are placed at the top of the toothpicks on the four corners of the structure and the roof is carefully placed such that the sugru is stuck to the toothpicks on the roof

Step 9:

And we have our sugru shack!
The last step is just to leave the Sugru on the structure to cure. Remember not to touch the sugru after you are through to avoid cracks!