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Introduction: Cemetery Columns

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I started a graveyard a few years ago but I wanted to have a creepy entranceway so I built these and I put an air cannon in one and I scared allot of people.

Step 1: Column

The column is easy to make just time consuming. Adjust to the height and width you want.
2x4 for the base and top.
2 sheets of thinnest plywood I could find. I didn't want them to be heavy.
2 sheets of pink foam insulation.
I ripped 2 2x2x8 into 4 pieces each for the structure height.
Liquid nail to glue foam on. Black and grey paint.

Step 2: Column Details

After I built them and added the foam I wanted detail. I used a sharp knife and just scraped all the edges to rough them up. This makes them look old and weathered. Then I painted all the roughed up spots black for depth before the grey. Draw cracks any way you want but I used several methods to carve the cracks. The fastest is a Drexel but they don't look as realistic the best way was with an exacto blade but is time consuming. Again fill them in with black.

Step 3: Painting.

Add a base layer of black on the whole column then pint it grey but be careful not to fill in the cracks. I decided rolling them was better than spray painting. Then take a can of dark grey spray paint and spray in bursts of a circular motion. I also used spray glue and added moss to create an aged look. The moss I got from the dollar store.

Step 4: Air Cannon

This is out of step but I built an air cannon from pvc and a sprinkler valve. The air cannon was hooked to an atv battery I had and I ran some fittings to connect it. I only pushed 35 psi through because it makes a loud horn sound any higher but that was enough.

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    8 years ago

    Thanks the paint job was allot of trial and error.

    So awesome, I love the paint job you did, it turned out awesome. Definitely looks like creepy columns, especially with the rest of your amazing decorations!