Center Speaker Holder for the Top of Your Flat-panel TV

Introduction: Center Speaker Holder for the Top of Your Flat-panel TV

How to construct a cardboard speaker stand which will support your center speaker on top of your wall-mounted LCD or Plasma.

Take a look at the last step so you can visualize what you are making before you begin.

Good luck!

Step 1: Map the Curve of the TV

This is the hardest step. You need to find out the rear curve of your TV at the top. Here is how I did it.

I took a piece of scrap paper and cut it to the general shape of the curve, making sure to leave extra paper on all sides so I could trim it down. I then put it behind the top of the TV where the speaker holder will sit. I then trimmed the paper until if fit the curve. It will be hard to get it perfect, as long as it's close it will work.

If you look at my paper below, the top is where the speaker will sit, the right side is my wall, and the left side is the top-rear curve of my TV.

Step 2: Trace and Cut Cardboard Sides

Next, using the paper curve as a stencil, trace out the curve onto two pieces of cardboard. Cut them out using a scissor or exacto knife.

Step 3: Cut Rectangle Piece for Under Speaker

Next trace the bottom side of the speaker onto cardboard.

Step 4: Cut Out the Bottom Piece

Using a scissor or exacto knife cut out the bottom piece.

Step 5: Trim Bottom Piece

If necessary, trim the rectangle to match the dimensions of the side pieces.

Step 6: Glue Sides Onto Bottom Piece

Glue the two sides onto the bottom piece. I used hot glue.

Step 7: Shapie the Holder

Using a Sharpie or other black permanent marker, color in all visible parts of your speaker holder.

Step 8: Cut Notch in Rear Top of Speaker Holder

If necessary, cut a small notch in the back of the holder so the speaker wires can fall behind the TV.

Step 9: Put the Holder on Top of the TV and Make Sure It Fits

And that's it!

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