Introduction: Centerpiece and Table Number Holder From Old Books

If you love books as much as I do you probably already have everything you need.

Step 1: Collect Books

I used books that I bought for 25 cents each at the local thrift store. I could just as easily gone to my own bookshelves

Step 2: Remove Dust Jackets and Stack Books

My library was giving away the encyclopedias so I had one for each table.

Step 3: Get a Paperback

Find a paperback that you are willing to destroy. I like romance novels. you will need one with at least 200 pages to make the folded book at the top

Step 4: Fold the Paperback Book

tear off the front and back pages until you get to pages that are covered by text. Fold over the page so that it meets at the spine.

Step 5: Keep Going

Keep folding until all the pages are folded over.

Step 6: Stack Your Books

Stack up your books. I like the look of the three books. Then place a piece of cardboard on top.

Step 7: Wrap With Ribbon

Don't worry about the top you are going to cover that.

Step 8: Add Double Sided Tape to the Folded Book

Turn over the folded paperback and place the double sided tape on each side. Then place it on the top of your stack of books.

Step 9: Slip in Cards

Just slip the table number and monogram cards in between the folds of the paperback.  You could also add flowers if you wish.
You now have an almost free centerpiece that your guests will love.

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