Introduction: Ceramic Miniatures

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I just used the scraps from different clays and mixed them up and made some very small pottery.

Step 1: Scraps

for this I used those lasts scraps from pottery, those that are too little to make another normal sized pot.

This pots aren't painted, this is the result of clay mixture.

The trick is to mix just enough so the clay don't get homogeneous. And than you mould the pots close to what you want, but leave it thick. Than you scrape the pots into the final shape. While you scrape you look for the interesting results of clay mixture, and you choose to stop or continue to scrape based on the drawings the surface.

Step 2: Details

the first pic you can notice that has melted class on the inside. The second one is showing how interesting the mixture of clays can be.

some I did with rough and others with smooth edges.

in some I put some class powder like you get when you cut bottles and sand them, or just smash some small class that you saved (who does that?) from broken stuff. The class melts when you put your pots into the oven and that makes a cool effect on the inside of the pot. Don't put too much because the glass can break your pot.

for those who don't know, you have to have a ceramic oven to do that (or have a mother that has it)

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