Introduction: Epilog Challenge: Ceramic Seedling Pot Maker

Spring is just around the corner. I have collected a bunch of seeds and want to germinate them.
I thought I'd be "green" and make something to form the pots out of recycled newspaper.
The seedlings are about ready to plant in our garden beds.
Hope you find this gardening tool helpful and fun.

Step 1:

Making the Pot Maker:
I started with clay to form a cylinder about 1-1/2" in diameter and 1-3/4" long.
I also formed a rod about 3" long and 1" in diameter.
You could also use wood instead of clay.

Step 2:

Next I hollowed out 1" from the center of the cylinder.

Step 3:

I then inserted the rod to form a handle and glued it onto the inside of the cylinder.

Step 4:

I sculpted a face onto the top of the rod (optional) and carved my initials on the front.
The ceramics was dried and glaze fired in a kiln for the final finish.

Step 5:

Making the Pots:
I tore out 2-column width and 1/2 page long strips of newpaper. 3, or 4 pages at a time works well.
To make the pot, set the pot maker on its side and wrap newspaper around the base.

Step 6:

Push the bottom of the newpaper into the center hole to anchor shape the newpaper pot.

Step 7:

Remove the pot and fill with potting soil and your seed(s). Water gently.

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