Introduction: Cereal Cannon

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Have you ever wanted to be a pirate?
Want to make breakfast time more fun?
Like shooting things out of a cannon?

If any of these describe you, you can build your own Cereal Cannon! Inspired by the cannons in Sea of Thieves, I put this Cereal Cannon together to make cereal more fun than... a bowl of milk. So grab your tricorne, put on an eyepatch, and let's build this!

Step 1: Materials

The materials I used: (with affiliate links)

Walnut block (cut to 8" long) -
Cherry hardwood -
Oak hardwood -
Wood mount screws -
Spring -
5" bolt -
1/2" dowel -

Tools I used:

Bandsaw -
Lathe -
Drill press -
Sand paper -
Butcher block oil -
Super glue -
Dremel -
Wood glue -
Clamps -

Step 2: Prepping the Wood

I starting by squaring off my walnut piece, then trimming off the edges on a bandsaw to make is more circular (and easier to start shaping on the lathe). I marked guide lines on each end of the wood to find the center for when I put it on the lathe.

I also took the red oak and ripped it into two 1/2" pieces, and cut the cherry into 2" strips.

Step 3: Carving the Cannon

I mounted the piece of walnut on the lathe, and after rounding the walnut out, I used a picture of the cannon as reference, and marked reference lines on the walnut for the shape of the cannon. Using those reference lines, I shaped out the different sections to the the shape of the cannon (periodically using the gauge to make sure the width of the cuts were right)

Step 4: Sanding and Waxing

With the cannon still on the lathe, I took some 120 and 220 grit sand paper, and sanded the cannon down till smooth. I then used a cloth to apply generous amounts of butchers block oil (which I chose because it is food safe - since we are putting food inside the cannon).

Step 5: Springload the Cannon

With the cannon done, I drilled a 5/8" hole through the front of the cannon (a little more than halfway down the length of the cannon), and then a 1/2" hole through the back of the cannon. I fed the bolt through to check that the depth was the right length. I took the bolt and used a hand saw to cut a notch through the end of the bolt about 1" down.

Using the remaining piece of walnut, I turned an end cap for the cannon. I drilled a 1/4" hole into the end cap, screwed in the 1/4 20 wood screw, then fed the bolt through the spring, pushed it into the cannon, and then screwed the end of the bolt into the end cap.

A few pulls to test and make sure it worked, then I disassembled it all, glued the end of the spring into the cannon, and the wood screw into the end cap, then put it all back together

Step 6: Build the Base

Using reference measurements, I cut strips of the cherry and oak down to size, and then cut them to the appropriate lengths. Using the wide strips of cherry at the base, I glued and clamped the oak pieces to either side of the base, building up layer by layer till the base was all glued together.

I cut a piece of dowel slightly wider than the width of the base, and glued it to the front section. Using some of the remaining oak, I cut out two wheels and nailed them into the dowel.

Step 7: Mount the Cannon

I took the dowel and cut off 2 short pieces, and glued a wood hole cap on one of the ends of each piece. I marked either side of the cannon where it was balanced (this position will be different depending on the type of wood you use and measurements you carved the cannon to), and then drilled a small hole on either side of the cannon. After gluing the dowel pieces into the holes, the cannon could be mounted onto the base.

Step 8: Add the Details

Using some of the remaining cherry, I added the bindings, wheel accents, studs, and the other metal work taken from the reference picture. To give it a worn look, I took my dremel and etched some weathering effects into the base - trying to match the reference pictures as closely as I could.

After everything was glued and etched, I put one final coat of the butcher block oil on the cannon and on the base.

Step 9: Lock and Load!

Now it's time to load up your favorite cannonball-type cereal and fire away! Don't forget to throw in a few "ARRRRR!!!"'s for good measure.

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