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Introduction: Cereal Cardboard Game

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This is a game I made when I was about 7 years old. I don't really remember if I wanted to recreate a game I saw before or just thought of. Being said that I`'m not trying to steal someone's game. But please have fun playing if you want to try this! This game is about throwing a ball inside the cardboard.

Step 1: Getting the Base Ready

Find a cardboard box and start cutting the top place and bottom were the ball will go in and come out. You an also use a strong box instead of a cereal box because the box will be very shaky when you throw the ball in. Then add a small piece of cardboard on the inside of the box in the bottom and glue or tape the piece. This helps the ball roll back easily like a ramp so you can throw it and play again .

Step 2: Decorating (optional)

You can decorate your box, (the cardboard) if you want to but this is not at all necessary. Have fun decorating! I tried to make some kind of animal with ears but i guess it looks different than what I had in mind. Nevertheless i think that it looks unique and amazing. So be creative and decorate your box!

Step 3: Playing Finally!

Get a ball such as a tennis ball, a ping pong ball or any-other types of balls to play this game .Just throw the ball inside the upper hole that you cut out. You can also get someone to hold the box if the box is still very shaky.

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