Introduction: Cereal Milk Popsicles

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I have always loved cereal and milk
Who doesn’t?
When the frozen treats contest came up, I knew I had to make something with my favorite food
I wanted to incorporate cereal and milk into a popsicle, but no one likes soggy cereal
I did a little research and some thinking, and I found out that Milk Bar, a bakery in LA that I love, has created a “cereal milk”
I was sort of confused when I heard the name, but it’s pretty self explanatory
Cereal milk is the milk leftover after the cereal was soaking in it, you know, the milk that’s left in the bowl last and you slurp it up
That’s my favorite part
I knew I had to make cereal milk pops!
This recipe is very easy and is perfect for the summer
Great to do with kids and any cereal lover, like me, will die for this recipe

Step 1: Ingredients

Now, there are no exact measurements because all the copycat recipes for cereal milk take just way too long

1/2 part milk, any milk will do

1/2 part any sugary cereal, I used Honey Nut Cheerios, I recommend using a cereal on the sweeter and tastier side, the flavors will show up more in the milk in the end

Popsicle molds, you can use a paper cup and spoon if you do not have them


Mesh strainer

And that’s it!

Step 2: Steps

First place your cereal in a medium size bowl, depending on how much cereal you have.
Pour in the cold milk and stir around very gently
Let the cereal and milk stand aside for about an hour. This will allow the flavors to absorb into the milk
After an hour, get your mesh strainer out and put it over a bowl
Carefully pour the cereal mixture into the mesh strainer
Make sure to get all the milk out of the mesh strainer, being careful not to get any cereal bits into the milk.
Make sure to get all the milk out of the mesh strainer, being careful not to get any cereal bits into the milk.
After the milk is strained, poured the milk into your popsicle molds, I could not find my popsicle molds so I had to improvise and use a paper cup and a spoon.
Allowed a popsicle is the freeze for about eight hours, depending on how thick the Popsicles are.

Step 3: Results

This is a cool refreshing popsicles
Perfect for the hot summer days
It is very easy to make and doesn’t take long

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