Chai Boba Tea

Introduction: Chai Boba Tea

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Bobas are awesome to make and drink. However I just found out that the tapioca pearls are high in calories. So I wanted to make something healthier than a drink filled with syrup and sugar that had healthier benefits. I  cant have lactose so immediately my base would be soymilk/almond milk. What tea goes great with that is chai. Chai naturally needs sugar. Cardamom gives it a Middle Eastern flair. This is one of the best tasting Bobas Ive made so far. 

Youll need:

Tapioca pearls-not the little ones from a box for pudding- Try amazon or a asian food market.
Tea-Chai is best
Soy millk, almond milk, regular milk
Cardamom ground 
30 min

Step 1:

Boil some water...

A handful of pearls is a good amount for one person

Boil pearls for 15 minutes 

Drain the pearls and wash them off to stop the cooking process.

Step 2:

I measured how much milk i needed by filling the glass i needed less than to the top.

Pour that in the pan and add everything but the pearls. I used 4 tablespoons of sugar. teaspoon of cardamom, one bag of chai tea.

Put the mix in the glass and then add the tapioca watch them go to the bottom of the glass, add the straw and drink, (I thought my picture would be better without the straw)

Step 3:

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    OMG I just went for one today and the calories are too many! Even if you make my fav with Green Tea! I WILL MAKE ONE TOMORROW!!! I never knew it was this easy and at $5/cup (16oz) I will save some $$$$ !!!!!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I will share this with my daughter she loves it! Thanks for sharing.