ChainMaille Jewlery 101: Basic Byzantine Chain




Introduction: ChainMaille Jewlery 101: Basic Byzantine Chain

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making Chainmaille has been a pasion of mine for the last 16years, and over the years i've tought 100'sIF NOT 1000's indirectly how to weave many weaves. and in this first instructable for you lads/lasses im going to cover what is a vary basic weave that meny learn as a startting pattern. 

Color key:

Green = active rings
Blue = finished or inactive weave
Red = interplanted rings
Yellow = orbital or captive ring
Purple = Pre Closed ring.


AR : i find a 3.5 a good one.
Ring Size 20g 1/8


1. okay first step you going to need to close  two rings.
2. now wave to rings on to these two like so.
3. okay do that again.
4.okay that works out the starter. now for the weaving. you need to fold back the last two rings on the chain one to each side of the center section.
5. while holding those rings back, add in two more by weaving them through the folded back rings on the inside of the two center rings like shown.
6. okay at this point you are basically at step one again, so do steps 2-3-4 again.
7. umm think i see a pattern forming here? looks like we are back at step 5, maybe we should do that one again.
8. i thinking you get the idea at this point. keep repeating steps 2-5 until your chain is the length you what it to be
You are finished.

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