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Introduction: Chainmaille Projects: Let There Be Dragons Part II

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In this part we will be making the serpentine type dragon.

you will need the same basic tools as needed in the first part. see:

Ring sizes are also the same but you'll need to have knolage of Magas chain or Full Persian Round.
1.6mm 8mm ID Rubber rings
1.6mm 8mm ID rings
1.6mm 6mm ID rings
1mm 5.5mm ID rings
1.16mm 4.5mm ID rings
1.6mm 10.5mm ID rings

Small Scales count 4-5 in this dragon.

Red: The ring(s) to weave through.
Blue: The inactive or finished parts of a weave.
Green: the active or un-closed ring you are weaving into the mesh/chain
Yellow: Orbital captive or pre closed ring.
Purple: Rubber or flexable ring. Also used for scales just

Preliminaries complete lets get weaving.

Step 1: Serpentine Dragon: the Body

1: Start by making a section of Magus Chain 26 + 1 units long. the +1 is for the extra rubber rings on the tail section.(left side in the image)

2: At the neck side add to 1.6mm 8mm rings into the metal rings

3:Next a two rubber rings as shown, you will have to open and close a few already weaved rings.

4: add two more 1.6mm 8mm rings trough the rubber rings you just added this will for the base of you FP6in1 section for the neck.

5: add your first Persian linkage to the unit compleating the first unit.

6: continue to add 2 more fp6in1 units. neck asm complete.

7: on to the tail, we need to unweave here a bit to add two rubber rings as shown. this will form the first reduction stage of the tail assembly.

8: Next add two metal 1mm 5.5mm rings, the top rings gose through to form a full persian link. the bottom ring you will skip the inside connection,

9: Now we can start the Fp6in1 integration. add two 1mm 5.5mm rings to the sides.

10: Now simply continue the fp6in1 pattern for about 10 units

11: This is a fun spot, it all happends at once. you need on 0.8mm 4.4mm rings and two 1mm 5,5mm rings, weave the 1mm rings on the out side and place a scale on them. next join the two scales with the 0,8mm 4,4mm rings and weave it around the end of the fp6in1 chain

12: continue the fp6in1 chain using the scales as the center rings. should look like this.

Step 2: Serpentine Dragon: the Head

1: add two rubber rings and one 1.6mm 6mm metal rings like shown.

2: next add the scales to a 1.6mm 8mm rings and pass it through the 1.6mm 6mm ring, do the same for the other side.

3: this part is trikyer then it looks, but just like the other head you need to weave two 1.6mm 8mm ring the the scales and the prior 8mm rings.

4: next add two 1.6mm 6mm rings to the out side.

5: weave in two 1.6mm 6mm rings trough the center eyelet to form a fp6in1 unit.

6: next add two 0.8mm 4.4mm rings to the out side.

7: now fix them in place with a 0.8mm 5mm rings. and finish the persian unit.

This completes the dragon and all following parts are optional.

Step 3: Serpentine Dragon: Adding Legs (optional)

1: about 6-8 units down from the base of the neck Add two 1.6mm 8mm rings like show.

2: mirror on the other side

3: add two, one each side 1.6mm 6mm rings to the top of the V's

4: using some folded over rubber rings in a loop in loop form add three units and cap it off with 2 1.6mm 4.5mm rings.

5: just as above only with 4 units. and don't cap it yet.

6: using 2 1.6mm 8mm rings loop through a rubber ring and cap it with two 1.6mm 4.5mm rings like so.

7: repeat this for as many toes as you want. i kinda like 3 fore and 1 aft.

8: to add a single joint to the toes add another rubberrings and small ring combow to each toe like show

9: you should now have this.

10: attaching the food to the leg, add a ring like shown, 0.8mm 4.4mm rings work well.

11: mirror on other side of leg.

12: Now just repeat on the other side of the dragon to finish up the leg set.

Step 4: Serpentine Dragon: Finishing and Poseing

To finish and pose your dragon chain, you will need to anchor a wire on the inside to hold it shape. base of the neck and the base of the tail section are the best locations if using 1.6mm wire to make the core. then you are free to pose however you like.

Congratulation you have now completed this instructable. come back soon!

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Stuck on step 1. "Magus Chain" is driving me absolutely insane trying to figure it out. I can't find anybody else on the planet that knows of it's existence. Please save my sanity and post a tutorial, or a link to one, or an alternative name so i can find it. Thanks


    Reply 4 years ago

    aka Hilt Chain, commonly found in a captive form. this however dose not use the captive rings, no room.

    only tutorial i know of out there off hand. but i can make one for it, if it is still unclear.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you! No, another tutorial isn't necessary. I actually figured out a different way to do it while pulling my hair out: make a length of European 4 in 1 5 rows tall, and roll it up. The 6th row connects them, and there you have it.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Wow! I made a few things out of rings, but chainmaill dragon would never come to my mind! Just epic!