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Introduction: Chair Cover Kitchen

My one year old son loves playing with kitchenware while I am cooking. Since we live in a small apartment, we do not have much free space to have a big play kitchen. So I came with a solution taking a little space - kitchen chair cover kitchen.

Step 1: What You’ll Need:

  • Larger piece of fabric (in my case white) - you could use old bedding
  • Contrast fabric - smaller piece (not necessarily - could be same as above)
  • Plastic cloth remnants (in my case 20 cm x 20 cm)
  • Black felt
  • Large buttons (4 black and 4 white - a little bit smaller)
  • Ronofix (Iron on reinforcement)
  • Strap
  • Ribbon
  • Scraps of fabric, ribbons...
  • Matching thread
  • Poly Cotton Bias Binding
  • Hooks
  • Velcro
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Needle for hand sewing
  • Scissors
  • Meter
  • Pencil
  • Iron

Something more:

  • Paper napkin (tissue) with picture
  • Food foil
  • Baking paper
  • Felt scraps

Step 2: Measuring

Measure the height of chair (A), the depth of seat (B), the width of chair in front and back (C and D) and the height from the seat to floor (E).

Step 3: Sewing Pattern

From the basic fabric cut a main piece of stove as on picture. Add seam allowances at blue sides.

From the second fabric cut two chair sides (rectangle with E and B sides). You need to add seam allowances at blue sides.

Grey parts firm with ronofix and stitch the sides to main part.

Step 4: Front of Stove

Cut (20 x 20 cm) hole into front part of stove and sew double-fold seam binding around it.

From the second fabric cut two stove doors and window from the plastic cloth. Firm doors and sew it together. Add handle from strap and velctro closing. Attach the door to the front panel using ribbons.

Step 5: Hotplate

From black felt cut 4 circles (two larger and two smaller). Place them to the stove top piece and stitch them.

Step 6: Basic Kitchen

Place four knobs above the door. Each knob consists of two buttons (larger black and smaller white).

Sew seam binding around the sides and top edge of the chair.

Add ties - attach ribbons at the bottom corners of the stove and additional ties at the curtains and to the chair back.

Step 7: Finishing

You can add side pockets and cloth hooks.

Step 8: Something More

You can also decorate it with paper tissue. Cut a picture from tissue, wrap it into food foil and iron it through the baking paper on designated place.

You can also add some food sewed from felt.

Step 9: Test

Let your child to test the stove.

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    5 years ago

    Just great! Easy stored away when not needed and back on the chair again. I´m looking foreward to make something like this for my visiting grandchildren.


    5 years ago

    What a great idea! (That fried egg looks delicious)

    Left-field Designs
    Left-field Designs

    5 years ago

    Amazingly creative and we'll documented. You got my vote


    5 years ago

    This is so cute...and clever. I love the see-through oven flap!

    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    5 years ago

    This is just amazing! Make one like a workbench for the junior woodworker!

    Thank you so much for showing this :-)


    5 years ago

    That is so adorable!!! That was a brilliant idea to use a chair cover :)