Introduction: Chair Guitar Stand

Here in Valencia, Spain there is a plethora of old chairs spread across the cityscape.  So I got to thinking of how to repurpose one.  I thought of the idea after playing for a bit and standing on the guitar on a chair.  I realized that without the seat cover and the stripped down, the arms of the chair hug perfectly to the body of the guitar.  A guitar takes up a lot of space so I decided to cut it down to size. 

The materials you'll need:

-An old chair.
-An old bicycle inner tube.
-Used guitar strings (optional)
-Tack nails.

The tools:

-A mallet
-A saw
-measuring tape
-Drill (optional, only if you want to add the guitar strings)

Step 1:

Take apart the chair, remove the seat using your mallet or your super human strength.  

Step 2:

Measure the depth of your guitar. cut the horizontal chair supports to the desired length.  My guitar measured about 10cm.  I cut the supports to 14 leaving room for the joints to fit back together and so the guitar would still fit. 

Step 3:

Dry fit before gluing and test the stand to make sure the guitar balances correctly. I had to cut a bit off of the legs so that the stand with the weight of the guitar wouldn't fall over. 

Step 4:

Double check for fit.   Put glue in the joints and reassemble. 

Step 5:

I discovered that wood on wood contact with the guitar and the chair supports resulted in a lot of slide.  So a handy bike inner tube came in hand.  Wrap around the support and tack to the bottom being sure that the nails can't scratch the guitar.

Step 6:

As an added decoration I decided to put some old guitar strings on my stand. Measure the space where you want to add the strings and spread out six marks across the chair.  More or less mimicking th guitar but on a wider scale. Drill the holes.

Step 7:

String the strings and tie them to the chair as if tying it to the guitar, like on a classical guitar. Tuning pegs would be a great add but I didn't have any lying around so I decided just to tie them. 

Step 8:

Hang it on a wall or leave it on the ground.

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