Introduction: Chair Rail End Created at Round Rock Tech Shop

We moved into a new home that had some Chair Rail install, and after a
few years my wife wanted more Chair Rail. No problem to install just make 45 degree cuts on both ends and nail to wall. One problem, they would not match the classy end cuts on the existing chair rail. With my skewed perception of seeing things and trying to figure them out was a challenge to me.. The Chair rail cuts for this project were not laying down flat to cut, but upright. After a 4' piece of wood destroyed I finally figured it out. So here are the step that I figured out at the TECH SHOP.

Step 1: Cutting the Ends

Cutting the ends are done on both left and right end 45 degree angles. The end caps can be cut from a compound miter saw or from a good miter box. I tried the cheap plastic miter boxes but they are a wast of money. Spend a bit more where the saw is has a enclosed guide.

The Chair Rail back should be facing the fence of the compound saw or back of the miter box.

Step 2: Cutting the Chair Rail

Each of the ends should be cut as shown in the picture. The end caps will be glued to the end of each end of the chair rail
When measuring the length of the wall, make the end cuts 1/2 to 1 inch from the edges of the wall ends. For inside corners use the 45 degree angles as shown in the pictures. The caps are at the end of the rails.

Step 3: Cutting the End Caps

Using the 45 degree angles as shown here, you will need to cut a left and right end cap. The picture here is for the left end cap. After cutting the end cap cut the end square again and then cut another cap. Do the same at the other end.

Cut as many as you need for your project.

Step 4: Adding the Caps to the Chair Rail Ends

Apply wood glue sparingly and let dry for a short time. I have used mini clamps but they are a hassle and do not work good so this step take time to complete.

After the glue is set, I use All-Purpose Spackling Paste to fill in any gaps that can occur. After the paste dries, I use a 220 grit sand paper to smooth the ends.

Step 5: Finished Product

Mount the chair rail to the wall. I used white enamel paint to give the chair rail standout look.