Introduction: Chalk Board Phone Case

This project started because I wanted to give my girlfriend a present for the first day of her elementary school internship. I wanted it to be something easy to take with her and fun for the children in her class. I figured she might let the kids play on her phone so why not make a chalkboard phone case they could draw on.

Supplies Needed:

  • Old phone case (I used a silicone phone case, but a hard case might work better)

  • Rust-Oleum chalkboard spray paint (product details)

  • Sand Paper 80 grit

I got everything for this project at Walmart for about $10.00.

Note: I did this two times and I used pictures from both attempts

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

Once all your materials are gathered, use the sand paper and lightly sand the phone case until you start to see faint lines in the case. This will help the spray paint to stick to the case. After the case has been sanded, take it outside and set up your area where you would like to spray paint.

Step 2: Paint the Case

I recommend placing the phone case in a cardboard box to spray paint (my first attempt was ruined from a light breeze, grass and a few bugs). Once the case has been placed in the cardboard box, begin to coat it with a generous amount of the Rust-Oleum chalkboard spray paint. Be sure to get the sides of the case. After the case is coated to your satisfaction, place it somewhere safe and let the case dry for 24 hours. Be sure that there is little to no humidity were the phone case is drying as this will cause bubbling in the paint. Once the paint has dried sand any imperfections on the case and then paint the case a second time. Depending on how much paint you use, you may need to repaint it a third time.

Step 3: Your Done!

Congratulations, your new phone case is complete! All that is left is to install your phone into the finished case. The paint is rubbery so the case is surprisingly flexible. If for some reason you bend the case to a 90-degree angle the paint will crack, but it is easy to repair (just sand and repaint it). You can now draw on your phone case with chalk just use soap and water to clean it. Enjoy!

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