Introduction: Chalk Holder 2.0

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The first chalk holder I made functioned, but to me was not very attractive or a polished product. So this 'ible is here to change that!

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Step 1: Tools & Materials


Belt sander
Drill press
Scroll saw
Crucible (something to melt you metal medium in)
Leather working tools
Needle nose pliers


Castable metal medium

Step 2: Mold and Cast

Concept: come up with a concept for the FOB, I tried to get a tribal look going but it came out as a claw. I love it though!

I used a wood mold melted down scrap HVAC silver solder and poured it into the mold. Use extreme caution here!! Boiling metal is extremely dangerous!
Let the mold cool and put out any fires that occur.

Step 3: Cleaning Up the Casts and Wood

Sand down the casting and wood to get the shape you are going for. Take your time here to ensure a great looking piece!

Step 4: Buff, Polish and Sand

Do any final sanding to the wood with 100 grit sand paper. Apply your choice of finish.

Polish the castings and glue into the wood block using 2 part epoxy.

Step 5: Leather Sleeve

Using much of the same method as before, measure and cut the leather to the size of your billiards chalk. Soak in water, trim leather to fit snugly, embellish with designs, wrap around chalk and let it dry for 12 hours (chalk will be ruined). After leather is dry, punch the holes for the rivet and grommet, apply glue and attach grommet and rivet, let glue set up. Apply leather finishing products.

Step 6: Putting It All Together

I attached my two parts together with silver rod and soldered it together and added chain.

I'm really happy with this chalk holder - it also functions as a pocket marker for pool as well (shooting the 8 ball) if you have any questions or comments please ask! Thanks for looking and please vote and favorite.

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