Introduction: Chalkboard Laptop Cover

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I have a laptop with a colour that I don´t like. This is why I came up with this instructable. It´s a chalkboard laptop cover that can be drawn onto, wiped and drawn onto again (and again and again and again). Thanks to my friend Jenny for helping me.

Step 1: What You Need

Here is what you need:

- your laptop

- adhesive chalkboard paper

- sissors

- a ruler

- a pencil

- chalk or chalkboard markers

Step 2: Cut the Chalkboard Paper

Cut the chalkboard paper to the size of the back of your laptop. To do so you can lay the laptop on top of the backside of the paper and use the square pattern for guidance. It´s not a problem if it´s a bit to big, you can always cut the overlapping paper off and adjust the edges.

Make sure that the surface of your laptop is clean. You can use a damp (not wet!) piece of cloth and window cleaner (cleaning alcohol works as well).

Step 3: Make It Stick

Start at one edge and peel off the foil from the chalkboard paper. Make sure to keep a steady pull on the chalkboard paper to ensure that there are no airbubbles. You can use a book to add pressure and keep it straight. It might help if another person helps you with that. Don´t panic if there are some air bubbles at the end of this process.

Step 4: Air Bubbles

If there are some air bubbles you can push them towards the edges to get rid of them. I used a ruler for the bigger ones and then my nails. This might take a while but it is worth it.

Cut the edges of the blackboard paper to make them fit your laptops edges (on the picture there are not yet cut, have a look at the photo in the next step).

Step 5: There You Go

There you go - your personalisable chalkboard laptop cover! Now all you need are blackboard markers or chalk and your creativity. Have fun creating and recreating over and over again.

*Thanks to my friend Jenny for helping me and being the first person to draw onto the back of my laptop!

** Turns out chalk is not great if you put your laptop into a backpack but chalkmarkers work really well!