Champagne Top Person

Introduction: Champagne Top Person

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Another good quality party trick.. (If you haven't found the first one, click here) The two can be combined to make a little wire person, riding a bicycle.

Step 1: Cut Bottom, Flatten

By now, I hope you have worked out that you need a champagne top, (Picture #1 below)

Cut the longer, bottom wire (Picture #2) I found this is easier if you cut it four times, so you do not have to pull it all the way through.

Flatten so it looks like picture #3..

Step 2: Fold Over, Twice, Twist

From what you had in the last step, fold it in half (Picture #1) and again (#2)

Twist the centre (or center, as you please) so it sits nice and tightly. (Picture #3)

Step 3: Form Arms, Add Head

Using all your might, bend the four wires into arm and leg-like positions.

I have not found a water-tight solution for keeping the head on. "Blu-tac" works quite well. So stick the head on the shoulders.

That is the basic champagne top person, mine is pictured here, straddling my spherical pencil holder (A school woodwork project.)

For added realism, bend the feet into flatter feet shapes (Picture #2) and using a permanent marker, draw a smile!

You are now finished. If you are extra brave, you can proceed to the next step...

Step 4: Optional: Add Bicycle.

If you make a 'Beer lid bicycle', the champagne person sits on it nicely.

Bend the arms around the handlebars, sit him on the saddle, and I put his foot down to keep him from falling over..

There, finished. Please rate, comment, subscribe, etc.

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