Introduction: Champagne USB Key

This instructable will show you how to re-use an old cork and a USB to create an awesome looking flash drive.
I have entered this in the Green science fair contest because it is re-using two old objects to make a modern chic piece of hardware.
2nd Instructable

Step 1: You Will Need...

For this Instructable you need:
A Cork - one made of real cork not plastic, i chose a champagne cork as it was
the largest one and able to hold my USB
A USB - doesn't matter what capacity, try to get the smallest one size wise as it
needs to fit in the cork.
A Knife - Anything sharp with a smallish blade will do nicely, i have chosen an
Exacto knife.
Tape - I have used white electrical tape.

Step 2: Stripping the USB

Now you need to strip away any excess plastic to make the USB as small a possible to fit inside your cork.
Most USB casing is in two halves which clip together around the USB
all you need to do is find a seam along one side and pry it open withe either your fingers or your sharp blade, the two halves should pop right off.
Now with the bare USB you need to size it up with your cork to make sure it is wide and deep enough.

Step 3: Cutting the Hole...

Before you start cutting it is a good idea to draw a line around the bottom of the usb on the cork, this is so you have a general idea of how thick and how wide to make the hole (look at pics)
Now begin the cutting, cork is actually allot tougher than it looks so i recommend carving out a small groove on the top inside the line you drew and then just shredding at the cork and emptying out the shavings every so often ( very careful with your fingers here , high risk of severing)
Also be careful not to cut the sides too much otherwise it will all fall apart.
when cutting every so often shove the usb in the hole to see if you've cut enough out.

Step 4: Fitting the USB

Before i put the USB into the cork i wrapped it in electrical tape just to stop the cork shavings getting inside it. Don't put too much tape on or the USB will get bigger and you'll have to cut a larger hole.
When i had put my USB in the hole there was a small gap around the top edge of the hole so i used an elastic band to fill it in.

Step 5: Finished!!

This is the end of the instructable, thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed it!
if you have any questions please ask me and ill be happy to answer
dont forget to rate and vote!
good luck if you do make this and let me know how it goes!
More Instructables coming soon !!

p.s. This is my 2nd instructable :D


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