Introduction: Change Ac Condenser Fan Motor

My 2 year old ac condenser motor stops working. I had one changed by a pro last month. I going to change the other one now that it stopped also. Turn off power before work. Be sure to take pictures or write down where your wires go before unplugging them.

Step 1: Parts

I got a replacement from my local Grainger. The sales helped me get the closest replacement parts. I have to trim the rod on the new motor because it was too long. 1 Dayton condenser motor 1 Grainger captor

Step 2: Blade

Take the blades off the old motor first. Then take the old motor off the metal grill. After cutting the metal rod of the motor. Put the new motor on the grill then put on the blade. Then place the whole thing back on the condenser. The wires go back the way they come out. ( most important not to bend the blade)

Step 3: Wiring

I have taken many pictures to remind me of how they were. My new motor have 4 wires n old one have 3. The new motor also require a captor. New motor have a connection that could reverse the motor, just reverse the connection if the fan is blowing the wrong way. Most replacement motor should be the same. There is 2 brown wire. Just attach one of the brown one to the captor and the captor to the old captor. The black is the hot wire and the purple goes to the old captor.

Step 4: Fin

Test fan after everything back in place. Fan should be blowing hot air up. Make sure No wire is in the way if the blade. Zip tide and electric tape all wires.