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Introduction: Change Ac Condenser Fan Motor

My 2 year old ac condenser motor stops working. I had one changed by a pro last month. I going to change the other one now that it stopped also. Turn off power before work. Be sure to take pictures or write down where your wires go before unplugging them.

Step 1: Parts

I got a replacement from my local Grainger. The sales helped me get the closest replacement parts. I have to trim the rod on the new motor because it was too long. 1 Dayton condenser motor 1 Grainger captor

Step 2: Blade

Take the blades off the old motor first. Then take the old motor off the metal grill. After cutting the metal rod of the motor. Put the new motor on the grill then put on the blade. Then place the whole thing back on the condenser. The wires go back the way they come out. ( most important not to bend the blade)

Step 3: Wiring

I have taken many pictures to remind me of how they were. My new motor have 4 wires n old one have 3. The new motor also require a captor. New motor have a connection that could reverse the motor, just reverse the connection if the fan is blowing the wrong way. Most replacement motor should be the same. There is 2 brown wire. Just attach one of the brown one to the captor and the captor to the old captor. The black is the hot wire and the purple goes to the old captor.

Step 4: Fin

Test fan after everything back in place. Fan should be blowing hot air up. Make sure No wire is in the way if the blade. Zip tide and electric tape all wires.

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    1 year ago

    I have replace both condensers with new once, there was a leak in both this year, I guest they only last 10 years max.


    5 years ago

    good information, thank you so much, i think change Ac Condenser Fan Motor following this role

  • Motor Diameter In Inches
    • Horsepower Rating-be aware the some A.C. units have more than one
    • Operating Voltage-units can range from 115-460
    • Motor Shaft Size In Inches
    • RPM Speed
    • Direction Of Rotation
    • Mounting i think complet your problem need more information
  • 0

    5 years ago

    Thanks for this big and descriptive Tutorial on replacing the Motor. But, i am little bit confusion on purchasing the best suited motor for my AC. I have checked few motor this site

    this fasco fn motor looked promising for me. Plz check the link and help me out to choose the best one.

    my motor requirement are 1 phase, 1075 RPM, 230 V. Hope this will suits me and in my budget.


    Reply 5 years ago

    i just get one that most match the old one, its always a chance that the new one will break or last a long time.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    You might need to redo some things. You have a dual run capacitor that has three leads.

    1.) C / Common

    2.) F / Fan

    3.) Herm / Hermetically sealed aka Compressor

    Yours is a 45/5 Microfarad capacitor meaning 45μF for your compressor (Herm) and 5μF (Fan) PLUS OR MINUS 5%. If either readings fall out of the 5% of 45 or 5 will cause your compressor or fan to run hotter and burn up.

    Why do you assume the capacitor for your compressor is still good when the fan side obviously failed and caused your fan motor to fail, and yet your still using the other side for your compressor. Also there are oil filled and should be leads up and secured to the frame by plumbers tape.

    I see these mistakes when other hack-job technicians work on units and don't rectify the original problem (capacitor). I'm not complaining because I get paid a lot of money to fix these mistakes and to change-out a compressor later.

    Home depot has a capacitor that will be the only one you need for $10.72.

    or Amazon for $8.85

    Also don't for discharge capacitors by using a screwdriver/nutdriver that has a insulated handle and touch C to Fan and C to Herm and you should be protected from any nasty shocking discharge.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the info. My friend (license tech) change one, and I did the other one same as he did. I will change the other capacitor later.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Do not buy Gibson. 2 new condensers fail at the same time.