Change the Appearance of Your YouTube Channel

Introduction: Change the Appearance of Your YouTube Channel

This instructable will teach you how to chance the appearance of your YouTube channel.

Step 1: The Layout

I know a lot of you know how to do this but this is for people who don't, so please no comments about this is to simple or stupid!

Thanks Charger06

The first part we will be working on is the layout! There are several combinations. Here is my YouTube channel, Chargerrt06 if you want to use it as a reference. You can just fiddle around till you get it the way you want. with that being said, next is the advanced layout properties. This is where you can make custom backgrounds and box colors. To change the color you need to use HTML color codes. Don't worry, i know most people don' t know HTML so heres a color chart. Even i haven't memorized all these. So really all you have to do is plug in some codes and upload an image. Well thats all. Please rate and comment.

Step 2: Color Scheme

Now, you can use the colors they give you up top but i suggest making a custom one to match your background picture or just to have a better channel. To do this you scroll down past the layout options to the "Advanced Design Customization" section. From here you can pick colors from the scrawny little pop up box or you can do it like us who know HTML (internet code); use a HTML color chart! The numbers and colors are small so please "right click - save image as", the color chart for better viewing. Now fill in the boxes with the number of the color you want for the different parts.Be sure to add the "#" sign at the begging of each HTML color number. can keep the same picture you have as the background but I suggest filling the background with a color too. It wont cover up your picture but some users with older version of Fire Fox and Netscape won't be able to see the picture. Now just click the "Update Channel" button to save changes. If your not satisfied click the "Reset Values" button to change back to the default white!

Well thats everything. If you used this, found it helpful, and changed your channel, please link it in a comment so i can look at it.


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    3 years ago on Introduction

    I don't have a youtube account, but need to change video title box background. It's dark and I need it to be white. I tried futzing with the css, but.... Help please , thanks


    6 years ago

    Isn't this a tad old?


    Reply 5 years ago

    nah son you can still do it, you just have to hit 50 million subs and then you go to some illuminati program and they give you the option. but the planets have to be aligned first so you're gonna have to wait another 2745 years


    12 years ago on Step 2

    You can't really see the colors from this view, could you email me the code, my email is