Introduction: Change Your Spring at the Smart Car

This article is made for Smart Fortwo, generations 450 and 451. The steps and the front suspension is almost the same, also the tools. Before starting this procedure, check the Smart Fortwo model here and be sure you have a new spring prepared.

Step 1: Remove the Wheel

First thing you have to do is to remove the wheel, get the car up and use a 15'' socket.

Step 2: Open the Front Hood

Step 3: The Top Side of the Spring Assembly

After opening the hood, you'll find this top side of the spring on the left in this case, the side where the wheel is removed. Here you need a strong socket of 21".

Step 4: The Key

We used a 21'' socket and a long key for a higher force.

Step 5: Rotate the Key Counterclockwise

Rotate The Key Counterclockwise carefully until you remove the element. Here you will use a lot of force, so please take care.

Step 6: Tool

If your assembly is moving at the same time while using the 21'' key at the top, you need this tool to stop that. This tool is used for keeping fixed the shock absorber axe.

Step 7: Shock Tool Fixed

This tool needs a complete screwdriver pack, it comes with different shapes and mechanisms for controlling it.

Step 8: Keep the Tool Fixed

After fixing the tool you can go back to Step 5 and use the key to remove the top side part.

Step 9: Push Down the Assembly

Step 10: Remove This Part

This element need an 16'' Socket.

Step 11: Remove This Part

This part is exactly under the spring and you have to remove it. A complete set of sockets from 10 to 21 would be necessary to be sure you can remove all the parts or in case you have complications; in some cases, a few parts are impossible to remove and you have to think how to remove the whole assembly around.

Step 12: Press Down

After removing the previous elements, the assembly is almost free for pressing down and getting outside to be able to remove the spring and all the small part above. You need again the 21'' socket and keep the shock absorber fixed from the special tool.

Step 13: The Spring Is Out

This is the final step and the spring is out.

Step 14: New Spring

This is the new spring and you have to use a press tool to resemble it. This part could be dangerous if you never pressed a spring before. If you are not sure how to do it and you don't have a press, ask someone with more experience to do it for you. It takes mostly 5 minutes and the cost is minimum.

Step 15: Remove One by One All the Parts

Watch the video, you can see the tools needed. In the video, you can see more details.

A new spring cost: 20-30 Eur.

Be careful, safety first, take your time and be focused on every step. Use quality tools so you will not create damages on the car parts and also all the procedures will go faster and safer.

Step 16: