Change Amperage for Cellphone

Introduction: Change Amperage for Cellphone

im trying to power my cellphone with AA batteries in case the original lithium battery breaks by removing the original lithium battery and placing instead two wires where the battery should be and power it (not recharge it) with 3 AA rechargable batteries (4.5 v) so that when the original lithium one is dead i can always buy some AA batteries and use them on my motorola cellphone!

Step 1: First I Removed the Original Lithium Battery

Firstly i removed the battery inside the cellphone and make a nice adaptation to fit the battery shape and contact the little copper pins, there are 4 of them so use the 2 on the left as positive and the 2 on the right as negative, the crafting of the adapted piece should be neat so take your time (or your days) to make it so that it looks as similar as possible to the battery as shown in the image above

Step 2: Get 3 AA Batteries and a Case to Try to Power the Set

Finally get 3 AA batteries (rechargeable is good) and a case, i use a light lamp as my case, and try to connect the case's positive and negative to the positive and negative of the phone set, as you can see i put a diode in between may be more, hoping the whole thing would turn on, and well, my phone does turn on but after a while it asks to lower the temperature and sets itself on sleep mode because it uses 910 amps and my AA batteries current is 2200 amps.

So there, after the two steps i am completely out of ideas as to whether a resistor or set of capacitors diodes etc would be good to lower the amps and complete this project.

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