Introduction: Change the RDP Listen Port on Windows 7

This instructable's goal is to help those who are looking to change the default RDP listen port on a Windows 7 workstation.

Step 1: Open 'Registry Editor'

  1. Press the button combination of 'Windows Key + R', this will open the 'Run' prompt.

Step 2: Locate the RDP-TCP Registry Key

  1. Open the root key, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (often abbreviated as HKLM).
  2. Open the key, SYSTEM.
  3. Open the key, Current Control Set.
  4. Open the key, Control.
  5. Open the key, Terminal Server.
  6. Open the key, WinStations.
  7. Open the key, RDP-Tcp

Step 3: Edit the PortNumber Value

  1. Under the RDP-Tcp key locate the PortNumber value.
  2. Right click 'PortNumber' and choose 'Modify...'.
  3. Change the 'Base' to 'Decimal', you could also use hexadecimal, but decimal is friendlier.
  4. Enter the port number for the value data, in the photo above it is set to the default RDP port value of 3389.

Step 4: Restart the Computer