Introduction: How to Change Your Cursor.

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Changing your cursor is a lot easier than it seems!

Just follow this straight-forward Instructable to make your cursor or 'pointer' feel more homely and to your liking!!

Step 1: Choosing Your Cursor.

Right, before you can change your cursor, you need to find the cursor you want to change it to.
If you have an idea of what you want, it is a lot easier to choose!

For finding cursors, I recommend deviantART .


Step 2: Downloading the Cursor Pack.

Once you find a cursor pack that looks good, click on the image.
This will bring you to a new page.

On the right hand side of the page, you will see a big button showing; 'DOWNLOAD FILE'.
Click this button and your computer will inform you that the file is being downloaded.

Cursor packs are small so most of the time and shouldn't take too long to download.

Your computer will then inform you again when the file has finished downloading.


Step 3: Locating and Opening Files.

You will find the file in your 'Downloads' file or on your desktop.
Double-click the file to open it.

The file should open in WinRAR.
If you do not have the programr WinRAR, then you can download it here:


When WinRAR opens, it will show you the files.
They might have names like; 'Link' and 'Busy'.
If they do, great!
If not, don't worry - this just means you will have to remember the names of the files. No biggie :)

Now, you need to locate your cursor folder.
If you use Windows, it should be here:

>> Start
      >> Computer
            >> Local Disk
                   >> Windows
                         >> Cursors

I am sorry, but I do not use Mac computers, so I cannot tell you the whereabouts of the cursor folder, but it shouldn't be far off from above. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Now that you found the folder, go back to WinRAR, highlight ( left-click and drag ) all the cursor files and press the 'Extract' button on the top of the window.

Another window will pop up, called 'Extraction path and options'.

Find the Cursors folder the same way you just did;

>> Start
      >> Computer
            >> Local Disk
                   >> Windows
                         >> Cursors

Then click 'OK'.

The cursors will move to your Cursors folder.
You may need to re-open ( or refresh ) the folder to see your cursors there.

When that is finished, close WinRAR and the folder.


Step 4: Mouse Properties.

Right-click the desktop and you will get a list of options.
Near the bottom, there should be a 'Properties' option.
Click it.

Another window will pop up and should give you a list of options.
Among these should be 'Change mouse pointers'.
Click it.

Another small window will pop up, named 'Mouse Properties'.

There should be two 'boxes' - 'Scheme' ( same as theme ) and 'Customize' ( really important ).
Under these boxes there will be two buttons - 'Use Default' and 'Browse... '.


Step 5: Changing Cursors and Finish!

In the 'Customize' box, you can scroll down and see all the different cursors with all the different uses on their left.
Click the first cursor, titled; 'Normal Select', and it should highlight ( go blue ).
This is the general-use pointer, if you will.

Now, click the 'Browse... ' button.
A small window will pop up, opening the 'Cursors' folder.

Scroll down and locate your first cursor, which should be named; '(theme)_arrow' or similar.
Click on it and a picture of it will show at the bottom of the window.
If it is the desired cursor, click the 'Open' button on the right.

This will close the folder window and bring you back to the 'Mouse Properties' window and in place of the boring cursor you had before, the cursor you picked will be there.

Do the same with the rest of the cursors until they all match.
If your cursor pack only has half or a few of the cursors, that's okay.
Just find a theme in the 'Scheme' box that would look nice with your cursors or one that you like and then change the cursors.

If you want to keep these settings so that you can use them again and not have to do this whole process again, click 'Save As... ' and enter the name of the scheme ( theme ) you made into the typing field.
Once you have typed in the name and are happy with it, press 'OK' and the name of the Scheme ( theme ) will change and save for you.

When you have finished everything mentioned above, click the 'Apply' button at the bottom of the window and,

TA - DA!!

You now have a pretty cursor!

Use this method to make different schemes ( themes ) for your computer!

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Thank you and goodbye :D