Introduction: Changing Guitar Strings

This Instructable will guide you how to change your guitar strings.

It will be a simple guide and an easy one, but make sure you know your guitar and have a bit of knowledge about this process before getting started.


Before getting started, you need to make sure you have:

1. Strings. Usually 6 of them, and make sure you have the right strings (whether it's an electric or an acoustic guitar).

2. Cutter. We will need a strong tool to be able to cut the strings.

3. Recommended: Peg winder (first from the left in the picture). It is not mandatory, but it will make the process easier.

Step 1: Restringing the Guitar

First, we want to restring out guitar. That is done by turning the tuning key of each string until it is loose enough.

Once it's loose, you can unwind it from the head and pull it out from the back of your guitar.

You will probably need to cut the edge of your string to make sure you can pull it out easily.

We'll pull out all of the strings. This is also a good time to clean and oil you guitar, if needed.

Step 2: Placing the New Strings

Now that the old strings are gone, we can start placing the new ones.

We will place each string at a time. Usually, it is a good idea to start with the lower E string (the thickest string).

Pull through the string through the back of the guitar, and make sure to pull it through the right hole. Then, take the string through the tuning post. You may want to cut a little bit of the string, something like the distance between the lowest tuning post and the highest (see the picture).

Step 3: Winding Up the String

Tighten the string by turning the tuning key or by using the string winder, but don’t try to tune it right now.

Just tighten the string to make sure you have set it correctly.

After that, you can cut the "leftover" of the string at the tuning post.

Step 4: Repeat the Process

After replacing the first string, repeat the process again for the rest of the strings.

Once done, you will need to tune the guitar.

Now, you have a guitar with brand new strings!