Introduction: Changing Headlight Bulb in Car

Have you ever had problems when one of your headlights is not working? Have you ever felt that you need changing your bulb, but you did not know how to do it? You can change your bulb by yourself and do not have to go a workshop anymore. I have tried to portray the steps to changing a bulb and break them down to make it easier for the audience groups.

Materials Required:

-new bulb (depend on your car model and year)



you can end up breaking off your new bulb if you do this wrong or forceful installation might cut off the inner wires that connect the bulb to the main battery.

Step 1: Turn the Wheel.

first, we must park the car in an open area then turn the wheel on the opposite side. Once we turn then we must open the plastic cover.

Step 2: Open the Plastic Cover.

Now we must open the plastic cover. Some might need screwdriver this one is Nissan Altima 2015.

Step 3: Remove the Bulb.

when you take out the plastic cover then you can able to see the bulb. once you see the bulb try to take it out but be careful while taking off you must twist and pull off.

Step 4: Change the Bulb.

when you take the bulb out you must change the bulb but be careful do not touch the bulb glass it can be easily broken

Step 5: Put It Back and Close the Plastic Cover.

when everything is done put the bulb back and close the plastic cover.