Changing Oil in a Four Wheeler



Introduction: Changing Oil in a Four Wheeler

2004 Honda oil change

Step 1:

The first thing is to get the front of the four-wheeler off of the ground with the floor jack.

Step 2:

This is the flat safe spot under the front axle where the jack needs to be centered.

Step 3:

This is what the it looks like when it is off of the ground and ready to drain the oil.

Step 4:

The oil pan is to catch all of the oil when it is drained.

Step 5:

The creeper is to roll around on the floor and to go under the four-wheeler.

Step 6:

Roll under and find the drain plug to see what size wrench is needed to take the plug out.

Step 7:

This is the correct size to take the drain plug out on this four-wheeler 17mm

Step 8:

Take out the plug and let the oil drain into the pan below.

Step 9:

Lower the four-wheeler back down so the oil all runs out of the engine.

Step 10:

Its going to take a little bit for all of the oil to drain out so by taking off the cap while it is draining it reduce time for the oil change.

Step 11:

This is the correct size socket to take the bolts out of the oil filter cap. 5/16

Step 12:

This is what it looks like when the cover is off of the oil filter and the filter is out, and in the center of it is the little spring that can't get lost.

Step 13:

old used filter on the right vs the new filter on the left.

Step 14:

what the new filter looks like when it is installed make sure the little rubber side is facing out.

Step 15:

Time to put the cover back on the filter.

Step 16:

Lift the four-wheeler back up so the plug is easy to get at again.

Step 17:

When the plug for the four-wheeler is back in.

Step 18:

Let the four-wheeler back down so it is level so new oil can be added.

Step 19:

Look in the book for how much oil this four-wheeler takes. Under specifications and it will say engine oil and 2.6 U.S. quarts.

This gray cap is where the oil gets added find the right funnel that fits in the hole and add the proper amount of oil.

Step 20:

This black jug is the oil that is used in this four-wheeler 1 gallon or quarts

This black cap is the dig stick, this is how to check the if the oil level is correct.

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    3 years ago

    Things to know .
    Oil lasts and does not wear out . It just gets dirty and contaminated. That's what the filter is for.
    Cars and tractors and all motors turn on soft white metal bearings . Whats important is oil pressure and it should not go below 4o pounds per square inch when running the motor . If it does remove and renovate the oil pump.
    Oil lasts much longer than any manufacturer states . they want you to use up much oil so they profit . I do 100,000 kms on my car oil and change the filter at about 33,000 and 66,000 KM
    That's 1000 hours on a boat and 330 hours and 660 hours for filters .
    If you are not going that long then you are polluting the earth unnecessarily.
    Even after that long the oil can be filtered and reused.