Introduction: Changing Oil on a ATV

Have you ever seen an ATV? Have you ever how the oil changing process differ between a car and an ATV? I have been riding ATVs for many years and have been trusted with servicing the bosses ATVs for some time now. Wouldn’t you want to know how to complete this easy process and save a trip to the local mechanic to have him do it? I am going to show you the four simple steps that can save you money on your ATV.


I will explain the process of an oil change on a Honda Foreman 500 series ATV. Tools needed ¼-inch ratchet and a set of smaller metric sockets 4mm-15mm will encompass a large variety of models. Secondly, you will need a ½ ratchet with a set of metric sockets 8mm-34mm set will cover plenty of your ATV needs. The last items on the list are new filter, new oil, oil funnel, a pan or tray to collect the used oil, and depending on the model, a basic set of screwdriver to remove the side shields.

Step 1: Remove the Drain Plug and Drain Used Oil.

Firstly, you will need to slide under the ATV and locate the oil drain plug that is on the bottom of the motor and should have a hole cut in the skid plate to make it accessible to change the oil. Some models may have a cover for this portion of the skid plate that needs to be removed to find the drain plug. Next, you will get your ½-inch ratchet and sockets and find the size that fits the tightest on the drain plug. You should then remove the drain plug by turning it to the left and collecting the oil in your oil-collecting device. Once the oil is done draining, re-install the drain plug by turning it the opposite way you took it off.

Step 2: Filter Change

Step 2 is changing out the filter, which may be located on either the driver or passenger side of the vehicle. It should be located even with your foot when you are sitting on the seat as if you were driving. There should be a plastic cover or two that cover the engine from your leg these will need to be remove to allow access to the oil filter cover. Some shields pop right out and other are held on by screws so careful not to break the covers. Once you have found the oil filter cover attached to the side of the engine. Place your oil collection device under the work area. You will begin removing the bolts that hold the cover on. Careful when removing the last bolt it the cover hasn’t stated pushing out towards you. There is a spring behind the filter that will help pop the cover off. If the cover is stuck on keep one of the bolts about half way in and tap the cover with the bottom of your ratchet handle that should pop it loose so you can remove it. Now time to remove the filter pull it out gently and set it on the ground or your oil collecting pan. Make sure when you insert to the new filter that you place it in the same way it came out and that the spring is seated on the little tab in the middle of filter case. Next comes the careful part of putting the cover back on. You want to make sure when re-assembling that you don’t pinch or lose the little rubber O-rings on the cover or on the engine where the cover rests. Ones the cover is re-installed you can put the plastic safety cover back over the side of the engine

Step 3: Refilling the ATV With Oil

Next, you need to find the dipstick to add new oil. The amount of oil need is dependent on the make and model of ATV. This can be found in the owner’s manual same as for your car. You will put the funnel in the dipstick hole and add the amount stated. Then wait a minute or so and check the oil levels again and see if more must be added.