Changing Oil on a Magnum 305



Introduction: Changing Oil on a Magnum 305

There will be a time right around 225 hours on a tractor that the oil is wearing out and is not properly lubricating the engine and it needs to be changed. Read this and it will walk you through the steps to properly service a tractor.

Step 1: Gather Supplies Needed

The very first thing a person should do is get out the owners manual and figure out what kind of filter or filters it will require to do this service, and also read to find the proper oil that should be put in the engine and how much. If it does not have a manual the filters on currently should have a numbers to identify the right filter and if needed use google to find the right amount. This particular tractor will consume 6.5 gallons with the filter and 6 without the filter.

Step 2: Warm the Engine Up

The next thing that needs to be done is the tractor needs to be run for 10-15 minutes or more to allow the oil to warm up and get hot. This is a very important because the oil will become thinner allowing it to all drain out when the plug is pulled. While this is going on find an oil tub/pan to put oil in(make sure it will hold all the oil).

Step 3: Drain the Oil

Once the tractor is pulled in the shop or on flat ground shut it off and pull the key out and lay in on the side council. Pop the hood so the engine is visible the latch for the hood is at the very front left side of the tractor. Then on the left side of the tractor when sitting in it, approximately a foot behind the axle tube housing will be a circular hole cut in the lower half of frame on the tractor . Inside this circle is the plug the will need to be removed to drain the oil. Using a 6 point 17 metric socket and short extension turn the ratchet in a counterclockwise direction removing the plug. The oil should drain and run into the pan.

Step 4: Remove Oil Filter

While the oil is draining get a proper filter wrench and remove the oil filter which will be located on the right side of the tractor and should be visible and will say “Oil Filter” directly on it. Turning the filter wrench in a counterclockwise direction removing the filter, lay it in the oil tub to drain. Removing the new filter from the plastic dip your finger in the new oil and smear a little bit on the rubber gasket of the filter. Then twist the filter on in a clockwise direction and tighten it. By this time the oil will be drained so install the drain plug and tighten it in a clockwise direction.

Step 5: Refill Engine With Oil

Now it is time to refill the engine with the proper amount of engine oil. The oil cap is on the left side of the tractor about halfways up the engine. Using a funnel pour the oil in the engine. This engine will hold 6.5 gallons if oil is changed properly.

Step 6: Start Tractor Up

Finally, it is time to start the tractor back up and let it idle for 30 seconds to a minute. While it is running get out and look for any spots leaking oil from the engine or filter (there should be none). Shut the tractor back off and wait 10 min and check the dipstick to make sure the tractor is full of oil. If full you are done, if low add oil so it is full.

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    3 years ago

    Got to disagree . Oil does not wear out . It gets dirty and contaminated but not worn.
    I have a Case 4690 that is 30 + years old and its oil is changed at 1000 hourly intervals only with more frequent filter changes. Its still a ferrocious beast. I drilled a hole in the sump plug and glued in a magnet. Amazing how much metal comes off the gears and steel shafts as the motor wears in..

    Things to know .
    Oil lasts and does not wear out . It just gets dirty and contaminated. That's what the filter is for.
    Cars and tractors and all motors turn on soft white metal bearings . Whats important is oil pressure and it should not go below 40 pounds per square inch when running the motor . If it does remove and renovate the oil pump.
    Oil lasts much longer than any manufacturer states . they want you to use up much oil so they profit . I do 100,000 kms on my car oil and change the filter at about 33,000 and 66,000 KM
    That's 1000 hours on a boat, tractor or stationary and 330 hours and 660 hours for filters .
    If you are not going that long then you are polluting the earth unnecessarily.
    Even after that long the oil can be filtered and reused if done properly.