Changing Sway Bar Bushings




Introduction: Changing Sway Bar Bushings

From what i understand this is a common issue. Hear a clunk when one wheel drives over a man hole cover? It doesn't clunk as much when both wheels go over a bump. The clunk is the sway bar bushing.

Will take one hour of time. Bushings are 15$ and come in one box containing two rubber bushings. There are only two bolts to take out. You can fix this yourself.

The vehicle featured is a Dodge Caravan 2002.

Step 1: Prepare Your Gear

Clean the floor, put something down on the floor so you are not on concrete. Raise the vehicle. Get lights placed. Get tools near by.

Step 2: Remove Worn Bushings

Just unbolt the old bushings. There isn't much tension on the sway bar. Take the bolts loose, take the bracket off. Pay attention to the rubber shape and position. Pry the rubber off. Repeat for the other side. I had to loosen some gadget which was in the way on the driver side.

Step 3: Install New Bushing

Now follow the trick from the tools page picture. Prepare the new bushing by spreading it open. Insert a bar through it and tilt the bar till it forces the bushing open. Now force in a socket which is just smaller then the sway bar. Now push that bushing onto the sway bar.

Next hook the bracket back in place and line everything up and find the nut for the bolt. Screw it all back together. Make it tight.

Step 4: Inspect Everything

Check the rubber boots on the CV joints on the drive shafts. Wiggle up and down the end link on the sway bar. It should not move. Look for leaks. Look at the engine mounts. Look at the power steering rack and make sure its tight. Maybe take a picture for planning your next project under the car.

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5 years ago

Use tons of grease,even on a new bushing.Consider using a spray can of lithium spray grease on where the bushing and bracket and sway bar meet,and where the bracket goes into the slot.Go crazy with the grease.This was advice from a few people on a dodge site.I even considered tapping for a zerk fitting.


Reply 4 years ago

Never use petrolium based grease to lubricate rubber parts on your car. Do not use mineral spirits either. They will depreciate the rubber. Factory repair recommends vegetable oil or silicone grease like Sil-GlydiSil-Glyde.


7 years ago

thanks helped alot