Introduction: Changing a Car Battery

In this Instructional I will be demonstrating how to change a car battery. I used a 1967 Chevy Chevelle SS for my demonstration, But the steps will work for nearly any vehicle.


10 mm Wrench

Flathead Screwdriver

Step 1: Locate Hood Release Latch

Step 2: Expose Engine Bay

Lift Hood to Expose the Engine Compartment

Step 3: Locate the Negative (Black) Terminal

Step 4: Loosen Negative (Black) Terminal

Step 5: Remove the Negative (Black) Terminal

Step 6: Loosen and Remove Positive (Red) Terminal

Step 7: Locate and Loosen Battery Base

Step 8: Grab Battery

Step 9: Remove Battery From Vehicle

Step 10: Insert New Battery

Step 11: Reconnect Positive (Red) Terminal to Battery

Step 12: Reconnect Negative (Black) Terminal

Step 13: Tighten Battery Base

Step 14: Close Hood

Step 15: Start Vehicle

Assure the vehicle starts up after installing the new battery. You will also want to reprogram any radio presets as well.