Introduction: Changing a Tire.

Quick and easy way to learn how to change a tire yourself.

Step 1: Placing Floor Jack

First off, find a suitable place to lift the vehicle up. Place the jack on a sturdy support, preferably the frame or axle of the vehicle.

Step 2: Jack Stand

Place a jack stand under the vehicle after it is hoisted up so that the tire is a free floating. The floor jack may be removed after the weight of the vehicle is securely supported by the jack stand.

Step 3: Remove Center Cap

There will be a center cap on most stock vehicle rims, this must be removed to expose the lug nuts. The video below demonstrates removing the center cap to the Chevrolet pickup

Step 4: Removing Lug Nuts

Removing the lug nuts is simple, this can be done by either lowering the vehicle back to the ground to loosen the nuts, or using an impact driver to loosen them with the vehicle still suspended. Which is displayed in the video below.

Step 5: Pull Your Tire Off, and Replace With the Next

The video below displays how to properly replace the tire onto the vehicle. REMEBER when tightening the lug nuts, they must be tightened in a criss-cross pattern, tighten each lug nut opposite of one another. This is displayed in the video below, and labeled in the picture in order they are tightened. After the tire is installed, replace the center cap.